What happens in Caripen stays in Caripen

Opposite the Senate building in Madrid, is the legendary restaurant Caripen, previously was the flamenco show of Lola Flores. It is the favorite restaurant for a long list of celebrities. Caripen is the ideal restaurant for a late dinner in Madrid, in a fun and uninhibited atmosphere. If the theater ends late or you are looking for a cheeky shelter where have dinner before partying, this is your place.

We hold the honor of serving the best duck breast citywide. We excel in our selection of foie gras, both mi-cuit and cold, or cool and stir, plus rock mussels are usually the favorites when choosing an entree to share.

Dark, night owl, funny, underground, seventies, scoundrel… all these adjectives describe this myth of the nightlife. The old flamenco show of Lola Flores and El Pescaílla, was recovered in 93 to turn the restaurant into a meeting point where you can dine late of the night.

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At 02.00h (M-Th) and 02:30h (F-Sun)
What happens in Caripen stays in Caripen
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